Does UnitedHealthcare Cover Incontinence Supplies in Washington?

Yes, UnitedHealthcare can cover incontinence supplies as part of Washington Medicaid. In fact, those who are eligible can get these supplies for free. Still, that doesn’t mean that every incontinence item under the under is covered — or that everyone who’s eligible will receive the same products.

Does UnitedHealthcare Cover Incontinence Supplies? Here’s why, with a closer look at: 

This guide to UnitedHealthcare coverage of incontinence supplies in Washington is designed to highlight key facts and answer some common questions in less than ~3 minutes.

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What Types of Incontinence Supplies Does UnitedHealthcare Cover?

Prevail Per-fit Daily Briefs L Max Plus Absorbency | Free Briefs & Diapers Through MedicaidAvailable for those covered by Washington Apple Health, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan generally covers the same types of incontinence supplies as other Medicaid programs in the Evergreen State. That includes (and may not be limited to):

  • Adult diapers and briefs: These are designed for moderate to severe incontinence.
  • Protective underwear and pull-ups: These tend to be suitable for individuals with moderate incontinence.
  • Incontinence pads and liners: Used for light to moderate incontinence, these incontinence supplies can be available with diapers, underpads, and other items.
  • Underpads and bed pads: These incontinence supplies can protect bedding and furniture from possible leakage.
  • More: Diaper creams, rash ointments, and gloves can also be covered under  UnitedHealthcare. 

Since every patient and each condition can be unique, the supplies individuals are able to get covered by UnitedHealthcare (or other WA Medicaid programs) will depend on:

  1. An individual’s specific needs 
  2. Whether they navigate the process properly

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Are There Monthly Limits for UnitedHealthcare Incontinence Supplies?

Yes, UnitedHealthcare does place monthly limits on incontinence supplies. That means that:

  • There’s a maximum number set for each incontinence supply.
  • The limit resets each month. 

The table below highlights monthly limits for incontinence supplies covered by UnitedHealthcare in WA.

Incontinence Supplies

Monthly Maximum Age Limits Best-Fit for Those with…
Adult Briefs or Pull-Ups


For those 19 & Up

Moderate to severe incontinence 

Pediatric Briefs or Pull-Ups


For those 3 to 18

Moderate to severe incontinence 

Pads, Pant Liners & Guards 


All ages

Minor to moderate incontinence 



Severe incontinence 



Minor to severe incontinence 

Diaper Rash Creams & Ointments N/A

Severe incontinence


With these monthly limits for incontinence supplies, it’s also crucial to know that: 

  • Non-disposable diapers are not typically considered incontinence supplies, according to Washington Medicaid.
  • Exceptions can apply. If you have a condition that necessitates more incontinence supplies than allowed by the monthly limits in Washington, it may be time to seek prior authorization for additional items, like more diapers, briefs, pull-ups, or underpads.
  • Monthly limits can change. When WA Medicaid undergoes an update, the monthly limits and covered incontinence supplies could be altered or changed in some manner too.

That’s why it’s helpful to work with local Medicaid experts in Washington who can explain the rules, process, and monthly limits for incontinence supplies while helping you get what you need.

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Who Qualifies for Free Incontinence Supplies from UnitedHealthcare in Washington?

Eligibility for Free Incontinence Supplies from UnitedHealthcare in WashingtonBasic eligibility for incontinence supplies via UnitedHealthcare in WA is based on these criteria:

  • Medical Necessity: There must be some medically-based need for incontinence supplies, with a healthcare provider (not an individual patient) affirming medical necessity.
  • Diagnosis: There must be some condition, diagnosed by a healthcare provider and documented in medical records, that causes mild to severe incontinence.
  • Prescription: A healthcare provider has to write a valid prescription for incontinence supplies for the individual in question, detailing what type(s) of incontinence supplies are needed and how many are needed every month. 

Please note that you’ll need to be covered by Apple Health in order to have coverage through UnitedHealthcare Community Plan and that UnitedHealthcare provides coverage to residents of the following counties in Washington state:

Grays Harbor


San Juan

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5 Tips for Getting Free Incontinence Supplies with UnitedHealthcare

If you’re just new to UnitedHealthcare, Washington Medicaid, or the world of free incontinence supplies in the Evergreen State, here are a handful of tips that can put you on track and help you get what you need:


  1. Talk to your healthcare provider: It all starts with a diagnosis and medical need, and your needs will be unique to your condition(s). So, discuss your incontinence supply needs with your healthcare provider to ensure you have the necessary diagnosis, medical documentation, and prescription, so your needs can be appropriately met.
  2. Figure out if you need a Pre-Authorization: If you’ll need more than the set monthly limit for any incontinence supplies, you’ll likely need a pre-authorization. These need to be initiated by health care providers, and it may be necessary to seek pre-authorizations as conditions and incontinence needs evolve.
  3. Obtain key documentation: Your medical records and prescriptions can be essential to establishing medical necessity and moving through the process as smoothly as possible.
  4. Don’t let your coverage expire: You likely need to renew coverage each year. That could mean needing to re-establish medical necessity and/or renew your prescriptions for incontinence supplies. Either way, staying ahead of the game here and keeping an eye on renewal dates can help you avoid potential lapses in coverage that could affect your access to free incontinence supplies.
  5. Let an expert lend a hand: You don’t have to seek free incontinence supplies through UnitedHealthcare alone. The experts at MyMedSupplies help folks just like you get the incontinence supplies they need throughout Washington, delivering diapers, pull-ups, briefs, and more in discreet packaging. We also reach out to our clients on a monthly basis to ensure their free incontinence supply needs are properly met and that they’re able to leverage their UnitedHealthcare benefits to the fullest.

Expert Help Getting Free Incontinence Supplies with UnitedHealthcare in WA

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