Health and medical supplies insurance consulting for Medicaid, Medicare, BlueCross, Aetna and others

Insurance Benefits Consulting

Your products may be purchased at NO COST* to you. We bill insurance including Medicaid where qualified.

Home delivery of medical products and supplies

Convenient Delivery Options

We’ll delivery monthly supplies to any address you specify or you can pick up your items at the nearest Geneva Woods Health location.

Monthly Supply Ordering

There’s nothing for customers to remember. Each month we’ll contact you to verify and process an order of supplies.

product options and fitting

Product Options & Fitting

Our experienced staff will help you identify needed products, assist in fitment, and even make recomendations. You’re in good hands.

medical insurance qualification, processing and billing for your home medical products

Insurance Billing

Many of our products and services are covered by health insurance plans. We’ll handle the tricky paperwork and insurance billing.

Talk with our staff about your home heathcare and medical supply needs.

Calls & Support

A representative will contact you on a regular basis to ensure your needs are met. If you have concerns a representative will assist you.

*For qualified Medicaid recipients, with doctor’s approval. Each state’s Medicaid plan is different. Some products may not be covered in your state. If your Medicaid plan has “shared cost” or “spend down” requirements, Medicaid recipients may be required to pay a “share of the cost” which is determined by the Medicaid program. Contact a representative for more information.