Does PacificSource OHP Cover Diapers & Incontinence Supplies in Oregon?

PacificSource MedicaidYes, PacificSource does cover FREE diapers and incontinence supplies for eligible folks in Oregon. Here’s how it works, with more on: 

This guide to PacificSource diaper coverage explains how Oregon Health Plan (OHP) provides incontinence supplies to Oregonians covered by Medicaid. It’s designed to share key info in less than ~3 minutes.

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When & Why PacificSource OHP Covers Diapers & Incontinence Supplies

Who's Covered by PacificSource for Free Diapers?PacificSource Community Solutions (PacificSource) is a Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) that covers those on OHP, Oregon’s Medicaid program. As part of this coverage, those with PacificSource can get free diapers and other incontinence supplies when they: 

  • Prove a medical need for incontinence supplies: Medical need means there’s a health issue that’s causing incontinence and that the condition has been formally diagnosed by a healthcare provider. 
  • Have the right supporting documents: Certain documentation needs to be available to establish medical need, the type(s) of incontinence supplies required, the amount, and more. If documents are missing or incomplete, there could be delays or challenges in getting free diapers and other incontinence supplies through PacificSource.

Like other CCOs in Oregon, PacificSource provides free incontinence supplies to ensure that covered individuals’ have access to the durable medical supplies they need, so their quality of life doesn’t slip from day to day. 

Supporting that mission, MyMedSupplies works with folks just like you, helping them get diapers and incontinence supplies through PacificSource in Oregon. We bill insurance, sending you the supplies you need in discreet packaging. And we’re here to help whenever you need us.

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Who Can Get Free Diapers & Incontinence Supplies with PacificSource?

Prevail Per-fit Daily Briefs L Max Plus Absorbency | Free Briefs & Diapers Through MedicaidAnyone who meets the following requirements will likely meet the basic eligibility requirements for getting free diapers and incontinence supplies with PacificSource: 

  • Active coverage: You’ll have to be covered by PacificSource or enroll in a PacificSource plan to be able to get supplies via this coverage.
  • Medical need: PacificSource won’t send incontinence supplies to everyone it covers; instead, this CCO only provides free diapers and related supplies to those who need them and who can establish their medical need in the required manner.
  • A current prescription for incontinence supplies: A doctor or another healthcare provider must write a detailed prescription that lists the type(s) and amount(s) of incontinence supplies needed every month. If it’s not on the prescription or if the prescription is outdated, you could face more challenges trying to get what you need. 
  • Prior authorization in some cases: Generally, PacificSource does not require prior authorization for incontinence supplies. In fact, these prior authorizations may only arise if you have unique or special needs that don’t fit the standard limits or options available with PacificSource. If you need prior authorization, your healthcare provider can (and should) take care of this for you (because PacificSource won’t acknowledge these requests from non-medical professionals).

How to Get Free Diapers & Incontinence Supplies Through PacificSource 

How to Get Free Diapers & Incontinence Supplies Through PacificSourceYou don’t need to do much if you’re already enrolled in PacificSource — and if your medical need for diapers is apparent (and documented). In that case, here’s what it takes to get free incontinence supplies with PacificSource:

  1. Get your medical records together, namely the documents related to any condition(s) causing incontinence.
  2. Obtain a recent, detailed prescription for the exact type(s) and number of incontinence supplies you need every month. That can include diapers, briefs, pull-ups, protective underwear, barrier creams, gloves, and more.
  3. Find an approved supplier: PacificSource isn’t accepted by every medical supply store in Oregon, but it is at MyMedSupplies. We routinely work with Oregonians and those covered by OHP, PacificSource, and other CCOs to help them get the free incontinence supplies they need. We also make it easy to keep getting those supplies every month, stay on top of required renewals, and more.
  4. Submit your documentation: Once this happens, you should get the green light for free incontinence supplies, as long as no paperwork is missing, incomplete, outdated, or inaccurate. 

Remember, you don’t have to navigate PacificSource, OHP, or incontinence supply coverage alone. You also don’t have to spend hours and hours trying to figure out the system, your next steps, or how to get the free diapers you may be entitled to. Simply contact MyMedSupplies for answers, expert help, and 5-star service now.

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Free Diapers with PacificSource: Coverage Limits & Renewals

Oregon Medicaid doesn’t provide unlimited diapers for all covered individuals. Instead, OHP has specific monthly limits locked in place, setting a maximum number for different types of incontinence supplies. 

The table below specifies those limits, sharing some important notes about each “category” of incontinence supplies covered by OHP.

Medical Supply

Monthly Limit Set by OR Medicaid

Key Details to Know

Diapers, Liners & Pull-Ups


The limit applies to any combination of these supplies, not a 200-item limit for each item in this category.


Washable underpads are categorized separately, with their own distinct limits.
Disposable Gloves


This refers to single gloves, with no age restrictions defined.


With incontinence supplies through PacificSource and OHP, please note that the following are typically NOT covered:

  • Incontinence supplies for bedwetting or nighttime incontinence 
  • Incontinence supplies for toddlers and babies (i.e., children younger than 3 years old)

Additionally, it’s essential to know that once you’re approved for free incontinence supplies through PacificSource or OHP:

  • The monthly limits could change at any time: Oregon Medicaid is routinely updated, and that can mean the rules and monthly maximums shift in the future. So, it’s prudent to keep an eye on these details, so you can make more informed decisions at any juncture.
  • Your needs can shift too: Like Medicaid programs, health isn’t a static or fixed thing. With treatments, advancing age, lifestyle factors, and more, health conditions can evolve, and that can impact the need for diapers and incontinence supplies. Sometimes, that results in a reduced need. In others, it can up the ante, increasing the number of incontinence supplies someone may need from month to month. Either way, staying dialed into your needs and keeping your healthcare provider in the loop can benefit you in the long run.
  • Mark renewals on your calendar: Every year, you’ll need to renew your PacificSource coverage. That can mean updating prescriptions or even possibly having to get new prior authorizations because your needs have changed. You can stay a few steps ahead here by keeping an eye on renewal dates and planning physician check-ins around those times to discuss your incontinence supply needs (and possibly update your prescription too). 

An Easier Way to Get Free Incontinence Supplies with PacificSource & OHP

Help getting free incontinence supplies PacificSourceFree incontinence supplies with PacificSource or another CCO in Oregon may be just a click or a call away. At MyMedSupplies, we work closely with Oregon residents to get them the incontinence supplies they need as efficiently and discreetly as possible, billing PacificSource or OHP while providing exceptional service.

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