Does Molina Cover Adult Diapers in Washington?

Molina Incontinence SuppliesYes, Molina does cover adult diapers in Washington under certain conditions. In fact, adult diapers are considered “durable medical supplies” in Washington Medicaid terms, and getting free adult diapers through Molina can be simple if you know: 

This guide to Molina diaper coverage in Washington is designed to highlight key facts and answer some common questions in less than ~2 to 3 minutes.

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When & Why Molina Covers Adult Diapers in WA

Like Apple Health, Molina is part of Washington Medicaid. Both provide free adult diapers for Washington residents when: 

  • They are covered by WA Medicaid: If you’re eligible for Apple Health in Washington, you likely qualify for Molina. If you’re unsure whether you have Molina coverage — or if you need to see about switching to Molina — you can check their site here.
  • They can establish a medical need for diapers: A proper medical diagnosis for a condition causing incontinence is required. In other words, you need to show that you have a health issue that’s causing your incontinence. Additionally, certain paperwork will be needed to verify medical need, how many diapers are needed each month, and whether an individual needs additional incontinence supplies, like underpads, briefs, and/or gloves.

When & Why Molina Covers Adult Diapers in WA | Free Diapers with WA MedicaidWhen it comes to getting free adult diapers with Molina, please be aware that: 

  • Adults are defined as individuals who are 19 & up: Medicaid has those 18 and under in the “pediatric” category, setting distinct limits for adult diapers versus pediatric diapers in Washington (adults get more).
  • Annual renewals are required: Coverage must be renewed every year to ensure consistent access to free adult diapers through Molina. If your coverage expires, you’ll have to renew it to start getting these incontinence supplies for free again. If you try to renew coverage too late (like after ~90 days or so), you may need to reapply for Molina (i.e., start over).

How to Get Adult Diapers Through Molina

Here’s what you need to do to get free adult diapers with Molina: 

  1. Enroll in a Molina Healthcare plan that covers diapers and incontinence supplies — or verify that you have this coverage.
  2. Visit your doctor to diagnose your condition(s), if needed, and/or obtain a prescription that specifies your adult diaper needs.
  3. Consider whether you need to obtain a Prior Authorization. You may need a Prior Authorization with Molina IF your adult diaper needs exceed the monthly limits. Whenever Prior Authorizations are needed, you’ll have to have your doctor or healthcare provider handle this for you.
  4. Find an approved supplier: Many retailers sell adult diapers; few work with Molina to provide free adult diapers through the state of Washington. So, make sure you connect with an approved supplier, like MyMedSupplies, who can bill Molina directly while making sure you get the adult diapers and other incontinence supplies you need.
  5. Schedule annual follow-ups with your healthcare provider: Your incontinence supply needs can evolve as your health does, and you’ll need to renew your coverage each year. Booking routine follow-up appointments with your healthcare provider can ensure that any shifts in your health are monitored and properly treated — and that you always have an up-to-date prescription that appropriately meets your adult diaper needs. 

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Monthly Limits for Adult Diapers Through Molina

Prevail Per-fit Daily Briefs L Max Plus Absorbency | Free Briefs & Diapers Through MedicaidThe maximum number of free adult diapers available with Molina is 200 per month. That’s the same as the maximum for Apple Health, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Washington, and other Medicaid programs. 

That’s not necessarily the same as the limits:

  • In other states
  • For pediatric diapers 
  • For other incontinence supplies covered through WA Medicaid. 

To see the WA limits and how they differ in OR and ID, check our guide to Medicaid diaper limits here.

What to Do If You Need More Adult Diapers via Molina

Talk to your healthcare provider first if you think you need more than 200 adult diapers each month. In this case, it may be necessary to: 

  • Undergo additional medical evaluations and/or diagnostic testing. 
  • Compile updated medical documents that can establish the medical need while demonstrating why the need may exceed the monthly limits. 
  • Ask your healthcare provider to submit a Prior Authorization to Molina so that you can get approval for the additional supplies. 
  • Obtain a new prescription detailing your needs.

When you get a prescription for free adult diapers through Molina, you can also have your healthcare provider include related incontinence supplies, like pantliners, guards, rash creams, and disposable gloves.

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How to Get Help Getting Free Diapers with Molina in WA

MyMedSupplies is a resource for anyone who has Molina, Apple Health, or any other Washington Medicaid coverage. As a leading medical supply store in Spokane, WA, MyMedSupplies has extensive experience working directly with Molina, Apple Health, UnitedHealthcare Community Health Plan of WA, and Coordinated Care.

We also have 40+ years of experience in the medical supply and insurance industries. That makes us a leading resource for Medicaid recipients who need adult diapers and incontinence supplies and who are looking for the ultimate privacy and peace of mind. 

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